A privately held company, Pure Dairy are the world’s foremost experts in dairy solutions for commodity traders and foodservices.


A privately held company, Pure Dairy are the world’s foremost experts in dairy solutions for commodity traders and foodservices.

The company was founded in 2011, and has since grown exponentially to service a trading network covering some 46 countries. With four international offices, our headquarters are located in Melbourne, Australia.

At Pure Dairy, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of global and domestic dairy products, manufacturing systems and market activity. Our multidisciplinary teams liaise closely with customers to create custom end-to-end solutions including everything from product development, procurement, planning, execution and quality control to financing, freight, compliance, warehousing, distribution and marketing.

Partnering with customers through our respective divisions Pure Dairy Trade and Pure Dairy Foodservices, we go beyond transactional business to form long-term, strategic relationships.

People & Culture

The Pure Dairy difference is defined by our people—we take great pride in attracting and retaining the brightest minds in the industry.

Each team member brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience, and it’s by combining our unique perspectives that we can consistently deliver innovative solutions to every new challenge.

We nurture a positive culture where everyone feels appreciated and inspired to liaise closely with the wider team. Having a customer-centric approach, we all work toward one common purpose, basing everything that we do on our core values of care, quality and trust.

At Pure Dairy, we always hear, consider and implement the best ideas.

A message from our Chief Executive Officer

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It’s an honour and a privilege to lead the talented, experienced and committed team here at Pure Dairy. We’re right on track to realising our vision to service everyone in the world of dairy. With our new and innovative solutions, we have a tremendous opportunity to influence and reshape the dairy industry—now and well into the future.

We’re not about taking shortcuts to easy wins—our decisions must always be appropriate for the long-term strategies of our buyers and suppliers. I believe the knowledge and experience we have as a business allows us to achieve the extraordinary.

Realising our vision means all our Pure Dairy team members are fully aligned and motivated to achieve our business goals. I strongly believe in sharing knowledge and nourishing a collaborative, innovative and growth mindset.

As a leader, I’m open and transparent, with a focus on lifting and developing people to achieve their natural potential. I welcome questions and seek feedback, and I’ll always ask people to share their unique perspectives and experiences.

As a business, we want all our valued buyers and suppliers to enjoy a fantastic and fulfilling experience with Pure Dairy. Trust, care and quality are paramount—we’ll always keep our promises and work safely to the advantage of our buyers and suppliers.

Pure Dairy’s fantastic success and growth has come about thanks to our strong focus on understanding our buyers and suppliers. It’s the insights and experience of our multidisciplinary teams that enable us to consistently deliver agile, innovative and creative solutions to meet any need in the world of dairy. And now we’re taking the next step to grow even further.

Our growth strategy includes broadening our dairy supply options and creating our own manufacturing capability. We’re building a new state-of-the-art dairy conversion facility in Melbourne. This will provide our buyers and suppliers with yet more solutions, bring to life our new Universal brand and open the doors to a wealth of opportunities in the retail market.

It’s an exciting time to be within Pure Dairy and the world of dairy.

Thank you for being part of this incredible journey as Pure Dairy launches into a new era of growth and innovation. Together, we’re ready to accomplish some truly incredible things!

Robert Giles


Pure Dairy’s leadership team brings a wealth of specialist knowledge and experience.

Adrian Josephson

Executive Chairman

Robert Giles

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Cowl

GM People & Culture

Albert Zago

Chief Financial Officer

Kristian Dow

Group Marketing Manager

Rina Dewson

General Manager Operations